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Icons for products

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Icons for products


In the field of user information with graphical symbols, we know three groups according to ISO Guide 74

  • Symbols for public information according to ISO 7001
  • Safety signs according to ISO 7010
  • Symbols on equipment according to ISO 7000

But of course these are not all areas in which information can and should be transported with simplified graphic means, i.e. symbols. It is almost standard practice for manufacturers or service providers to label their products graphically with symbols. How such symbols can look like, you can see from the following references.

Technical documentation

In 2009 I have summarized all services of my office for technical documentation under metaphors of the railroad with corresponding symbols as IBJ-Train. Basis for the style were symbols from Corel, which are part of the Graphics Suite or Technical Suite.


Module-oriented editorial manual and graphic style guide based on XML, structured graphics in Corel DESIGNER, individual layouts for pgx bloXedia and terminology work.


Individual and standards-based graphics libraries, referenced in Corel DESIGNER or in neutral formats.


Standardized editorial content from the areas of technical documentation, EU directives and contract drafting.


System introduction for the software products Corel DESIGNER and pgx bloXedia.


User support for the software products Corel DESIGNER and pgx bloXedia.


User training for the software products Corel DESIGNER and pgx bloXedia.


Control center for order management with exact alignment to the requirements of technical documentation.


Supplier-oriented electronic spare parts catalogs in PDF format for error-free spare parts ordering.


Full service in the field of technical documentation. You build the machine or program the software, we create the operating instructions or the online help.


Communicate user information safely and place safe products on the market.

Machine Tools

In 2004 I developed icons for machine tool components on behalf of a client. The base was the long-standing cooperation and detailed product knowledge through a variety of completed documentation projects.


Machine tool component for free rotary positioning.

Turntable with direct drive

Machine tool component for free rotary positioning and direct drive on the rotary axis.

Pallet changer

Machine tool component for changing pallets in machining centers.

Indexing table

Machine tool component for indexed rotary positioning.

Set-up station

Machine tool component for setting up pallets in machining centers.

Multi-axis swivel system

Machine tool component for rotary positioning in several axes.

System solution

Combination of coordinated machine tool components.

Fork milling head

Machine tool component for positioning milling heads for multi-axis machining.

Bulk material equipment

In 2000 I developed icons for system components of the bulk material industry on behalf of a client. The base was constructive knowledge as a design engineer in this industry and detailed product knowledge through completed documentation projects.

Bunker clearing car

Device for removing bulk material from bulk material bunkers.

Two-roller press with tamping screw

Press with two counter-rotating rollers and stuffing screw for the production of shaped parts.

Blade Crusher

Crusher with two counter-rotating wing rolls for the coarse crushing of lumpy material.

Roll grate screen with swivel-mounted crusher

Screen with individual screen rollers and above them a swivel-mounted crusher which transports, loosens and screens the material.

Tube dryer

Dryer for free-flowing materials by counter-rotating movement of steam and material.

Impact hammer mill

Mill based on impact and shearing action for comminution of lumpy material.

Double Roll Crusher

Crusher with two counter-rotating crushing rolls whose intermeshing teeth crush the material.

Roller Grate Screen

Screen with individual screen rollers that transport, loosen and screen the material.