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The book for technical illustration

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The book for technical illustration


Technical illustrations are the means to communicate facts in a technologized and globalized world. A complex task that requires broad knowledge of visual communication. Corel DESIGNER and CorelDRAW provide tools to efficiently accomplish this task on an industrial scale. The book

“Technical Illustration with Tools from Corel”

provides the illustration fundamentals and their implementation with Corel’s tools.

Marco Jänicke
3rd edition
January 2020

  • Informal order by e-mail to or with order form
  • Delivery by e-mail as PDF
  • 166 pages in DIN A4 format
  • printable with full resolution
  • content can be copied out
  • password for protection against changes, but not for opening
  • all pages are marked with the name of the customer
  • can be freely copied in the customer’s company
  • Price (incl. 7 % VAT)
  • payable against invoice within 14 days
  • for private persons 30 €
  • for small editorial offices (up to 3 users) 50 €
  • for large editorial offices (more than 4 users) 100 €

NEW in the 3rd edition

  • Corel generation up to 2019Complete revision and expansion of the 2nd edition
  • Step-by-step instructions new or optimized
  • Localize illustrations
  • iIntroduction to Lattice3D Studio
  • Expanded: Creating icons and symbols in a standards-compliant and professional manner
  • Extended: Standards references and annotations

Content of the 3rd edition

  • The Illustration Triangle | The Plan of the Image
  • Corel tools under control | Variants, versions and functions |
    Files and working in a team | Customizing Corel tools
  • Basic Techniques | Complex Shapes and Objects | Object Properties and Object Arrangement
  • Elements of Technical Illustrations | Dimensioning | Labels and Legends | Enlargements and cutouts
    Complementing technical illustrations | Standard and purchased parts | Tubes, hoses, cables and chains
    Abstract Illustrations | Schematics and Plans | Icons and Symbols
  • Space and depth | Projected illustrations | Exploded views
  • Working with CAD data | 2D and 3D design data as base or native | Lattice XVL Studio
  • Working with Raster Images | Using Photos and Screenshots
  • Structuring illustration | Object styles | Layers | Groups | Symbols
  • Providing illustration | Vector | Raster | Interactive graphics
  • Special Scenarios | Using and Managing Colors | Creating and Editing Symbol Fonts
    Automating Functions