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Marco Jänicke

Partners and cooperation

Corel ist einer der Pioniere der Vektorillustration und hat 1989 mit der Einführung von CorelDRAW die Welt des Grafik-Designs revolutioniert. Das Unternehmen nimmt mit seinen preisgekrönten Grafiksoftware CorelDRAW und Corel DESIGNER auch heute eine führende Position am Markt ein.

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Double click and Corel

Manuals often hide secrets that we don’t see or that we forget. We discover these secrets later when we take a second look at the online help, or someone shows them to us. Or maybe it’s funnier: we discover the secrets practically by accident.

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Give it to your mom

From time to time, I have seen this label with washing instructions as a “funny” introduction to lectures or workshops in our branch. Today, of course, one wonders, is this a fake?

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Sketch paper

We have the year 2021 and ingenious technology to quickly make a sketch. For example, pen and paper. Paper has existed in China for about 2000 years and spread from there all over the world, pen-like things much longer.

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Isometry meets Corona

Whether at home, in the classroom or in a restaurant: Zeit online calculator shows when people can become infected indoors. Everything interactive and clearly visualized. Click on the image and test how safe your environment is.

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