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Marco Jänicke

Sketch paper

We have the year 2021 and ingenious technology to quickly make a sketch. For example, pen and paper. Paper has existed in China for about 2000 years and spread from there all over the world, pen-like things much longer.

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Isometry meets Corona

Whether at home, in the classroom or in a restaurant: Zeit online calculator shows when people can become infected indoors. Everything interactive and clearly visualized. Click on the image and test how safe your environment is.

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From dot to dot

In times of Centangel, coloring books for adults, even dot-to-dot pictures are once again modern. The number pictures of today have nothing to do with the simple and easy to guess number pictures from the last millennium. Numbers over 1,000 are not uncommon.

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The Online Meeting Dilemma

For those moments when we are not quite sure what our counterpart actually means something, we have a “credibility test” developed over generations at our disposal. When in doubt, we fall back on the oldest, most proven signal system, body language, then on the voice and last but not least we trust in the content of what is being said.

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Marco Jaenicke

My name is Marco Jänicke. I am the man behind I have been working in technical communication for 20 years. With a career as a maintenance mechanic and subsequent studies in mechanical engineering, I initially worked as a design engineer and editor and currently work as a freelance consultant, trainer and author for technical editing and illustration.

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Safety sign colors

The colors of the ISO 7010 safety signs are defined in ISO 3864-4. This means that in the informatively named Annex E, color names from different color systems are given as examples for the individual safety colors. The specifications are therefore not normative specifications in the proper sense, but are absolutely useful in practice.

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