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Projektion? Mercator!

All technical illustrators deal with projections to represent 3D objects on a plane. They apply standardized projections such as isometry and dimetry, or work in free projections and vanishing point…
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Do it like da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) is known for many things; painter, sculptor, architect, anatomist, mechanic, engineer and natural philosopher. What our branch loves him for is his technical illustrations.
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Symbol decrypted?

Technical illustrations are supposed to convey content (messages). Graffiti should also convey messages (content). In a good technical illustration, the content can be understood by the addressee depending from the…
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Isometry meets Corona

Whether at home, in the classroom or in a restaurant: Zeit online calculator shows when people can become infected indoors. Everything interactive and clearly visualized. Click on the image and…
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From dot to dot

In times of Centangel, coloring books for adults, even dot-to-dot pictures are once again modern. The number pictures of today have nothing to do with the simple and easy to…
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