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Technical communication

I support you in your technical documentation and illustration tasks.
With the tools Corel DESIGNER and pgx bloXedia I unleash your data and set up efficient processes, workflows and structures together with you to use them profitably throughout your company.


Design of icons and safety signs

■ Custom designed symbols

■ Compliant with ISO 7001, 7010 and 7000

■ Finest vector quality

■ Symbol test according to ISO 9186


Corel DESIGNER and CorelDRAW

■ Individual in-house trainings

■ Consulting on application, processes, workflows, and structures

■ Creation of stylesheets, libraries and workspaces


Lectures & Workshops


■ Tutorial: With Full Force: 3D data, meta data, “intelligent” 2D illustration

■ Lecture: Conventions in technical illustrations

■ Workshop: Sketchnotes for everyone


XML content management system
bloXedia from pgx

■ Individual in-house trainings

■ Consulting on application, processes, workflows and structures

■ Creating layouts

■ Content delivery

The BOOK for efficient
technical illustration with
tools from Corel

The BOOK for efficient technical illustration with tools from Corel

Use the full potential of your illustration tool
on an industrial scale.

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Want to illustrate efficiently?
Order today.

Want to illustrate efficiently?
Order today.

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Callout Booster, der Schub für Beschriftungen

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Save up to 80% time when working with Corel DESIGNER callouts with the Callout Booster. The Callout Booster gives your work a significant boost.

Partners and cooperation

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Corel ist einer der Pioniere der Vektorillustration und hat 1989 mit der Einführung von CorelDRAW die Welt des Grafik-Designs revolutioniert. Das Unternehmen nimmt mit seinen preisgekrönten Grafiksoftware CorelDRAW und Corel…

Warning of dangers, but creative

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Irgendwo in einer Tischlerei in Deutschland habe ich dieses Plakat gesehen. Eine geniale Kombination aus Nudging und Comic, mit dem Ergebnis Storytelling.

Nudging, using behavioral economics

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We humans act far less rationally than we like to think. As technical writers, we need to speak to the instinctive, emotional side of our readers.

Comic elements in technical communication

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Nobody needs much explanation about what "Zack", "Zisch" or "Peng" stands for. Reading a comic is enough. But there is more to a comic than pure entertainment, such as an…

Design of icons and safety signs

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It's tempting, the web holds an almost inexhaustible amount of icons and security signs. Just a quick search and download. But what about systematics, corporate identity, semantics and international impact, and,…

Sharing knowledge,

my mission.

Sharing knowledge, my mission.

With my publications and in many lectures and workshops, readers and participants have received important input for their daily work and benefited from collegial exchange.

Lectures and workshops

Are you looking for advice in your company or organization?
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Looking for advice in your company or organization?
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and visitors of my workshops & lectures