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Technical communication

I support you in your technical documentation and illustration tasks.
With the tools Corel DESIGNER and pgx bloXedia I unleash your data and set up efficient processes, workflows and structures together with you to use them profitably throughout your company.


Design of icons and safety signs

■ Custom designed symbols

■ Compliant with ISO 7001, 7010 and 7000

■ Finest vector quality

■ Symbol test according to ISO 9186


Corel DESIGNER and CorelDRAW

■ Individual in-house trainings

■ Consulting on application, processes, workflows, and structures

■ Creation of stylesheets, libraries and workspaces


Lectures & Workshops


■ Tutorial: With Full Force: 3D data, meta data, “intelligent” 2D illustration

■ Lecture: Conventions in technical illustrations

■ Workshop: Sketchnotes for everyone


XML content management system
bloXedia from pgx

■ Individual in-house trainings

■ Consulting on application, processes, workflows and structures

■ Creating layouts

■ Content delivery

The BOOK for efficient
technical illustration with
tools from Corel

The BOOK for efficient technical illustration with tools from Corel

Use the full potential of your illustration tool
on an industrial scale.

Discover more

Want to illustrate efficiently?
Order today.

Want to illustrate efficiently?
Order today.

Do not miss topics and focus

Projektion? Mercator!

| Facts | No Comments
All technical illustrators deal with projections to represent 3D objects on a plane. They apply standardized projections such as isometry and dimetry, or work in free projections and vanishing point…

Do it like da Vinci

| Facts | No Comments
Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) is known for many things; painter, sculptor, architect, anatomist, mechanic, engineer and natural philosopher. What our branch loves him for is his technical illustrations.

Colors despite color vision deficiency

| Topics | No Comments
In addition to the subjective and collective perception of colors, the objective ability of each individual observer to process colors plays a role.

Colors in various cultures

| Topics | No Comments
When using colors in technical communication, we must keep in mind the interpretation of colors in different cultures.

Looking beyond the rim of the plate

| Topics | No Comments
Sometimes it pays to think outside the box, in this case, outside the rice bowl. What we see there is a style guide for technical documents in Chinese and for…


| About | No Comments
Around my favorite tools CorelDRAW, Corel DESIGNER and bloXedia by pgx I publish irregularly professional articles and books.

Sharing knowledge,

my mission.

Sharing knowledge, my mission.

With my publications and in many lectures and workshops, readers and participants have received important input for their daily work and benefited from collegial exchange.

Lectures and workshops

Are you looking for advice in your company or organization?
Contact us today.

Looking for advice in your company or organization?
Get in touch today.

Feedback from various participants
and visitors of my workshops & lectures

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