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Marco Jaenicke

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Marco Jänicke


My name is Marco Jänicke. I am the man behind I have been working in technical communication for 20 years. With a career as a maintenance mechanic and subsequent studies in mechanical engineering, I initially worked as a design engineer and editor and currently work as a freelance consultant, trainer and author for technical editing and illustration.


Publication of the third edition of the book
"Technical illustration with tools from Corel",
in self distribution as e-book.
Relaunch of on the Web-CMS WordPress.


20 years IBJ


Launch of on the Web-CMS TYPO3.


Publication of the second edition of the book "Tools from Corel in Technical Illustration", published by Vogtverlag.


The tfk technologies GmbH takes over the editorial activities and the employees of the IBJ. The projects are now continued by the Metz Technische Dokumentation GmbH.


Up to three editors create technical documentation and technical illustrations in the IBJ. First appearance as exhibitor at the tekom trade fair in Wiesbaden. In the following years, the trade fair appearances are continued together with partners Corel and pgx.


Publication of the first edition of the book "Tools from Corel in Technical Illustration", published by Vogtverlag.
Publication of the book "Redaktionssystem - Einführung in die PersonalEdition", published by GFT-Verlag.

First publication in tekom's trade journal "technische kommunikation" on the subject of "CorelCDRAW X4". In the following years, regular publications appear in "technische kommunikation" and other trade journals, such as "c't magazin für computertechnik".


Introduction of the XML content management system bloXedia from pgx software solutions GmbH.
First performance as a speaker at the tekom conference in Wiesbaden on the topic "Graphical terminology for machine description". In the following years, I gave numerous presentations and workshops on technical communication topics at the tekom conference, tekom regional group events and company events.


Corel Training Partner


Introduction of the own project and customer administration IBJ-Tower.


Foundation of the IBJ (Ingenieurbüro Jänicke), an office for technical documentation.


Design engineer in the engineering office Leipzig of FAM GmbH
- mass distributor opencast mining Schleenhain
- cooperation in construction - spreader open cast mine Amsdorf
- cooperation in construction
Part-time activity as technical editor


Design engineer at STAMAG Regis-Breitingen
- Coal loading opencast mine Profen
- Cooperation in design and documentation (including complete development of maintenance technology including design and maintenance instructions)
- Flow divider opencast mining Fortuna-Bergheim
- Preparation of the complete technical documentation (operating instructions and documents according to machinery directive 98/37/EC)
- Ship loader Lübeck - cooperation in construction and preparation of the complete technical documentation
- Coal loading and flow divider open cast mine Nochten - Preparation of the complete technical documentation
- Different projects of industrial steel construction
- Cooperation in construction
- Conveyor system 4th tube Elbtunnel
- Project planning and construction
- Conveyor system power Station Wedel (Hamburg)
- Project planning and approval planning


Study of mechanical engineering with the specialization design


Repair mechanic and toolmaker at today's agricultural machinery manufacturer AMAZONE


Professional training as a maintenance mechanic at the today's agricultural machinery manufacturer AMAZONE
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