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Warning of dangers, but creative

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Warning of dangers, but creative


I saw this poster somewhere in a carpentry shop in Germany. The poster indirectly calls on people to wear hearing protection. Working in a high-noise environment can cause long-term damage. Certainly, users are informed about the consequences of long-term noise exposure. Last but not least, the typical safety signs can be seen to warn against this noise exposure and to wear hearing protection.

But all too often these notices are ignored, whether for convenience, because they are simply uncomfortable to wear or for many other reasons. So you have to come up with something to motivate users to wear hearing protection.

So, as in the example, warn creatively with nudging, comics and storytelling.

We can find the following nudging strategies in the poster for wearing hearing protection:

. . . if you don’t wear hearing protection, sooner or later you must expect to lose your hearing and have to learn sign language.

. . . of course there is also a warning in it.

. . . of course, the poster is a permanent reminder.

The signs shown here are based on German and are unfortunately not identical in other languages.

The graphics, which are a bit like comics, contribute to a high level of motivation to see the poster. The content of the text and the graphics are the result of applied storytelling. Storytelling is another method of conveying brittle information more effectively. Hard facts are wrapped up in a short story.

When used in good measure, these are all good tools for bringing information into the user’s focus.

How about some storytelling, nudging and comics?

Marco Jaenicke
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