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The Online Meeting Dilemma

By 2. November 2020November 12th, 2020No Comments


The Online Meeting Dilemma


For those moments when we are not quite sure what our counterpart actually means something, we have a “credibility test” developed over generations at our disposal. When in doubt, we fall back on the oldest, most proven signal system, body language, then on the voice and last but not least we trust in the content of what is being said. This makes it clear how much value we should place on our body language and voice. We appear more credible when our voice is supported by gestures and the content is supported congruently. Conversely, we can expect our voice to benefit in its quality from supporting body language. I hope you enjoy your next online meeting and especially the first virtual tekom annual conference in 2020 … keep your webcam on and keep an eye on all the signals.

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Credibility check and the share of our communicative means

  Body Language 55%

  Voice 38%

  Speech 7%

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