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Messenger with bridge to real life

By 6. January 2020November 25th, 2020No Comments


Messenger with bridge to real life


Secretly, quietly and silently, messengers turn into true experts. Here even a function that really helps. Unfortunately we know this, new functions in apps are not always perfect from the beginning. I have tried the new function several times in the office … without success so far. Sure, I could also throw my garbage into the trash can myself.

The implementation
  • The new possibility of the Messenger is shown with a small picture guide.
  • One can find laws of perception in it. For example, the law of conciseness, according to which objects that differ significantly from other objects in their characteristics are perceived as outstanding / concise.
  • Although the arrows are precise, they seem to be randomly chosen, because unfortunately the representation overlaps with standardized conventions (ISO 3864, ISO 80416) for arrows indicating movements of objects.
  • In this case, an alternative arrow type would have been preferable, which supports the strengthening of visual conventions in public spaces. Or, with the reading direction from left to right, which is common in our culture, the instructions could be understood without arrows.

With all analysis, the little tutorial works and is well done. Human perception is usually very patient. Like a rocking ship, the sailor’s rocking step compensates for the wave motion, so does our perception when we absorb information. Only sometimes one goes overboard.

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