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Training and consulting for bloxedia

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Training and consulting for bloxedia



My training offers for bloXedia are carried out in close coordination with pgx software solutions, the developer of the software. This ensures continuity and quality in the support of the users.

With my trainings I convey to the participants in goal-oriented inhouse trainings contents which are co-ordinated with their tasks. The basis is my own productive use of bloXedia and my book “Content management system – introduction to PersonalEdition”.

Typical trainings:

  • bloXedia BASIC
  • bloXedia PROFI
  • bloXedia LAYOUT
  • bloXedia STRUCTURE

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Deciding on and using a particular software in a company is more than just buying and installing it. After rolling it out on the corporate network and completing a training course, there is still a huge gap between basic usage and efficient use.

With my support I pick you up at exactly that point. With over 10 years of experience as a user, trainer, beta tester and manual author of bloXedia and the add-ins LAYOUT, TERM and AUTHOR, I give you goal-oriented support for your tasks. With dedicated support you can get started with the XML content management system bloXedia and work productively. This way you avoid time-consuming learning processes and can directly fall back on existing experience.

Typical consultations:

  • Structure of your publications, for long-lasting usable data and best possible reuse
  • Collaboration in workgroups
  • Defining workflows
  • Creation of an authoring manual

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