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Show the unbelievable

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Show the unbelievable


Do you sometimes think you have to present facts that are practically impossible to present?

You are sitting again in front of a picture manual with minimal text?

Then you can certainly put yourself in the position of the illustrators of the multi-universe.

Shown are beside you … ant, habitat … anthills, earth, solar system, milky way, supercluster, observable universe … 14’000’000’000 light years, the multi-universe level I to IV:

  • Multi-Universe Level I
    Space is infinitely large. The laws of physics are the same everywhere. An earth like ours is possible infinitely times through the infinity of the universe.
  • Multi-Universe Level II
    Space is infinitely large, but it contains different kinds of universes that come and go. The laws of physics differ from universe to universe. An earth like ours and countless other forms are possible.
  • Multi-Universe Level III
    Here it begins to become really abstract. Universes are not only next to each other in space but also branch out in time according to the ideas of quantum mechanics.
  • Multi-Universe Level IV
    Here, no stone is left upon another. No law of nature has permanence. Everything can exist, which is logical in itself free of contradiction.

The representation of multiuniverses ties up perfectly to my contribution Visualization with goose bumps.

The crazy world of parallel universes (Source: Hürter / Rauner, Piper Verlag Munich)