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From 2D to 3D with haptic

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From 2D to 3D with haptic


You have enough of promises that are not kept? What about 3D? Where is the third dimension? It is of courses in the mathematical description of the models. But we can’t get a grip on the third dimension, at best it’s just a illusion.
But I would not ask if I did not have a solution for you. With a few simple steps you can turn 2D data into a 3D object and not only can you see the third dimension, but also touch and animate it.

Und so geht es:
  1. Download and print 2D data.
  2. Cut out the flat pattern on the outer contour.
  3. Fold all lines in both directions.
  4. Glue together one tetrahedron each transverse to the longitudinal axis of the flat pattern.
    The colored areas are the glued areas.
    A tetrahedron chain is created.
  5. Close the tetrahedron chain and glue it together.
    An animatable 3D object is created from 2D data.
    The 3D object can be called a kaleidocycle.

A kaleidocycle is a chain of tetrahedra closed to form a ring. Despite their apparent compactness, the tetrahedra edges roll on curved paths.

3D data for download

3D4U (Manual unfortunately only available in German)

 Die Downloads unterliegen keinem Urheberrechtsschutz.

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