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All DANGER, or what?

By 14. March 2022No Comments


All DANGER, or what?


The use of signal words has often been discussed at conferences, consultations or simply between colleagues. Some of the questions and opinions differ even more:

  • classification of hazards
  • assignment of signal words
  • embedded or not
  • based on risk assessment and risk evaluation
  • and, and, and

For all these questions, there are standard-compliant answers in ISO 12100, ISO 13849, ANSI Z535.5 and the standards referenced in them.

What, even these answers do not fit your practice? Besides, in the end anyway, it is unclear whether users can adequately distinguish the difference between DANGER, with almost certain death or serious injury, and WARNING, with possibly certain death or serious injury.

However, the signal words must still be defined …

For all those who are desperate, ANSI Z535.5 provides simple support in the appendix "C4.2 Signal word selection procedure".

Marco Jänicke

The flowchart was recreated with MindManager. MindManager now belongs to Corel and got mighty bored with this little task.

MindManager really warms up when it comes to complex diagrams that you can work on together as a team, manage resources like time and money together, and keep track of deadlines in dynamic Gantt and Kanban diagrams.

Source: ANSI Z535.5, appendix “C4.2 Signal word selection procedure”