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Person according to ISO 3864

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Person according to ISO 3864


Safety signs must be recognized reliably and quickly. One way to achieve this goal is a systematic application of standardized safety signs, for example according to ISO 7010 with the compilation of safety signs, as these should be better recognized by the frequency of their application.

If the registered safety signs are too unspecific and thus do not achieve their goal of rapid, language-independent warning or information, then a new safety sign must be designed in accordance with the design principles of the ISO 3864 series of standards.

The ISO 7010 safety signs for mandatory requirements, prohibitions or warnings often show the consequences for a person or exposed parts of the body, such as head, hands and feet. ISO 3864-3 makes concrete suggestions for these representations in addition to some design rules.

Download images of persons and body parts for safety signs

ISO 3864 man as DES
Functional Corel DESIGNER file, as described below.

ISO 3864 man as EPS
Only the geometry is saved in the EPS file. Object structures, object names, rotation points and styles are not available there. This fact is a good argument that if you are already using a proprietary format, then you should choose a really functional proprietary format.

Arbeiten im Corel DESIGNER

Die Person und die Körperteile nach ISO 3864 können im Corel DESIGNER perfekt und funktional umgesetzt werden:

  • Exakte Geometrien
    … mit Zeichenpräzions von 3 Nachkommastellen und umfangreichen Modi für die Objektanziehung (Fang)
  • Funktionale Geometrien
    … semantische Objektstruktur, -benennung und Rotationspunkte
  • Funktionale Objekteigenschaften
    … mit Stilen

Really good geometries for image contents of security signs, are generally not created with Bézier tools or similar, but with circles, ellipses and rectangles. For these basic shapes, Corel offers various creation modes, which give you the freedom to work on the basis of certain main axes, edges or centers and more. Then the basic shapes are formed into a whole using Boolean action (in Corel with the Shape docker). Finally, it may be necessary to round off or chamfer corners geometrically exactly (in Corel with the docker Fillet/Scallod/Chamfer).

If an outline is to be created, as in the case of the representation of the head, first the width of the outline is defined and then the outline is converted into a shape (in Corel with menu Object / Convert outline to object [Ctrl+Shift+Q]). This conversion is necessary for “graphic stability” and a safe manufacturing process. ISO 3864-3 specifies a line width of the image contents of at least 1 mm and in some exceptions 0.5 mm for a size of the security sign (including the form for prohibition, bid, etc.) of 70 x 70 mm.