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Sketch paper

By 27. April 2021No Comments


Sketch paper


We have the year 2021 and ingenious technology to quickly make a sketch. For example, pen and paper. Paper has existed in China for about 2000 years and spread from there all over the world, pen-like things much longer.

Somewhat removed from this proven technology, our technical sketches with these tools do not look quite as smooth as we know it from computer-generated illustrations. Often this doesn’t have to be the case, for example, when the technical writer wants to clarify something in a research meeting or when a technical illustrator designs the graphics to be created.

But it doesn’t have to be a problem, with sketch paper for projections according to ISO 5456-3, projected illustrations also succeed with ease.

Sketch paper for download

Sketch paper ISOMETRIC (pdf)

Sketch paper DIMETRIC (pdf)

Sketch paper CABINET (pdf)

  The downloads are not subject to copyright protection.

If you like it even more traditional, take a piece of coal and a nice smooth rock wall.